Raising Voice for the Effective Implementation of Reforms in Frontier Crime Regulations (FCR)

Delegates at the seminar on effective implementation of FCR reforms

28th March 2013

A seminar to raise citizens’ voice in support of implementation of FCR reforms was organized by Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment (DTCE) on 28th March 2013. People from all segments of the society including Bajaur, Khyber and Mohmand agencies, civil society organizations, lawyers, journalists, students, political activists and women from tribal and settled areas attended the seminar.

The event was conducted under DTCE’s initiative for “Advocacy for effective implementation of Frontier Crimes Regulations (FCR) Reforms”. The project is being supported by USAID through “Citizens’ Voice Project”. It aims to advocate for immediate implementation of FCR Reforms to bring the tribesmen into the national mainstream while respecting the local norms and traditions.

Justice (R) Amjad Ali Legal Advisor DTCE, Ijaz Momand and Taj Mahal Afridi, President and General Secretary of FATA Lawyers Forum and Ehsan-ur-Rehman, representative of FATA Tribunal addressed the occasion.

The speakers called for empowering the FATA legislators to make laws for the tribal people for the betterment of the local population in line with their needs and cultural traditions. They demanded the extension of writ of the High Court and Supreme Court to the tribal region. They were of the view that the time had come for the tribal people to elect honest and educated representatives. Moreover, the participants demanded the right to appeal in the high court for the tribunal people. Justice (R) Amjad Ali said that the FCR was implemented in 1901 to suppress the tribal people. He said the reforms made to the FCR were nominal and stressed the need of more potent legislation for delivering the people their rights. Participants of the seminar appreciated DTCE’s efforts about bringing this important issue to light.