Project Title

Community Policing - Under Strengthening Rule of Law in Malakand Program (SRLMP)


United Nation Development Program (UNDP) through Strengthening Rule of Malakand Program (SRLMP)


Duration of this program was 4 months; from Aug 01, 2013 through Nov 30, 2013

Geographical Coverage

This pilot program was awarded to cover local population residing in jurisdiction of 10 police stations (Saidu, Rahimabad, Khawazakhela, Matta, in district Swat, Nawagay, Nagraye, Chinglai in Bunair, Chakdara, asbanr, Ouch in district Dir Lower).


The community policing strategy designed to cover the objectives of ‘Strengthening Rule of Law in Malakand Project’ (SRLM) for strengthening the justice sector through formal and informal channels. This approach coincided with SRLMs methodology of working with the formal justice agencies such as Police at the local levels. The four month project served as the pilot phase of the community policing concept in Malakand Division.

The strategy designed to support the police and the community in meeting challenges of establishing and operationalizing of various components and services related to community policing, under the constantly changing legal paradigms.


Improvement in police-community relations
Improvement in public safety based on areas identified by the community
Improvement in police responsiveness to community needs
Improvement in police conduct
Image building of police
Creating awareness between community and police on shared rights, roles and responsibilities

Key Results

Formation and capacity building of 10 Community Policing Forums in three districts
Capacity building of Moharrirs & Madad Moharrirs of 42 police stations in order to change thana culture and make them more performance oriented and citizen friendly
Thirty (30) open public forums conducted; 12 in Swat, 9 in Bunair, 9 in Dir Lower
Thirty (30) public engagement campaigns which included cultural events i.e. cultural games, Mushairas, Quizzes, Naat Competitions, National Song Competitions; 12 events conducted in Swat, 9 in Bunair, 9 in Dir Lower
Conducted 4 inter police station meetings in three districts; 2 in Swat, 1 in Bunair, 1 in Dir Lower
Distribution of IEC material regarding Community Policing among target population, direct and indirect beneficiaries
Last updated: 07.01.2014

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