Governance Compass Dialogue (GCD)

DTCE as an organization has been provided key inroads into the governance and development sector throughout Pakistan at the federal, provincial and local levels various through partnerships with government, donors and the civil society. As such DTCE has accumulated vast experience and expertise in the important Pakistani context of good governance, governance reforms, constitutional rights, gender based issues, public safety, and community development amongst others. This experience has provided DTCE a unique perspective as well as insights into the demand and supply side gaps concerning a wide range of issues that concern government, donors, civil society, academia, and other stakeholders.

Utilizing our experience and our linkages with the entire spectrum of key stakeholders involved in the governance and development sector in Pakistan, DTCE has established a forum by the name of ‘Governance Compass Dialogue (GCD)’ that seeks to provide a common platform for key stakeholders to address specific issues relating to the governance and development matrix in Pakistan. Conferences and seminars are the norm these days, but they often lack effective representation of all key actors or fail to identify pathways and mechanisms to generate solutions and ensure their effective implementations. GCD hopes to be a one stop solution where issues are identified, ideas generated, solutions formulated and effective follow up is carried through to facilitate the policy formulization and implementation processes of all stakeholders to ensure tangible change and bring forth improvements on the ground.

The first GCD conference held on Feb 26, 2013 was a key success for DTCE in terms of hosting an impressive cross section of the government civil society and donor community on key governance issues related to donor programs interventions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA. The GCD conference provided an unique platform in which the participants shared their own unique perspectives, experiences and recommendations on behalf of the institutions that they represented.

DTCE has the capacity to conduct key events on large scales as well as possessing the linkages across the entire development and governance spectrum to ensure active participation of high level officials from key institutions. The current and future development priorities of the government and donors are very much aligned to DTCE’s core areas of specialization such as governance reforms, legislation, local governments, public safety, rule of law, citizen engagement, public accountability, governance reforms, and uplift of socially excluded and marginalized groups. This represents an opportune window for government, donors, diplomatic community, civil society and academia to utilize the GCD platform to further their agendas in mutual cooperation and identify solutions with the participation of both demand and supply side actors. GCD will be a regular feature for our organization and our partners to facilitate brain storming, cross experiential learning and cross fertilization of ideas on several sensitive issues.

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Last updated: 12.11.2013

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