Project Title

Advocacy for Effective Implementation of FCR Reforms in Bajaur Agency – A Sub Grant by Citizens’ Voice Project (CVP)


United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under Citizen Voice Project (CVP)


The duration of this program was 15 months, starting from September 27, 2012 to December 27, 2013

Geographical Coverage

Bajaur Agency, FATA


Governed under the FCR, a remnant of British Rule framed in 1890 by which it administered the tribal areas through political agents, the tribal areas of FATA are in a dire need of implementation of the reforms in FCR as approved by the President of Pakistan. The legal and political reforms as provisioned in the reforms would optimistically rid the tribal people from a century of bondage and usher them into mainstream of national life while respecting local customs and traditions. The Project aims to carry out advocacy campaign regarding these reforms and involve all stakeholders in the implementation process.


1 Organization of grants opening and closing meetings for the two cycles separately.
1 Facilitation of sub-grantees to develop their work plans in accordance with program guidelines
1 Identification/collection of success stories/case studies from the target areas and further development
1 Undertake monitoring visits of 20% program activities by GEP Cycle 3 and Cycle 5 sub-grantees in 34 districts across Pakistan

Key Results

1 MOUs signed with FATA secretariat and Political Administration Bajaur
1 2 Stakeholders Dialogues held in which 121 citizens participated
1 4 Jirga meetings held with tribal Maliks and leaders of political parties; 342 people participated in these meetings
1 5 policy level seminars held on effective implementation of FCR reforms in which 435 people participated
1 10 awareness raising sessions held in schools /colleges in which 977 students participated.
1 4 roundtable meetings held for women and marginalized in which 88 women participated
1 9 seminars conducted on political engagement in which 851 people participated
1 3 days training for civil society held for 7 CSO of Bajaur regarding FCR reforms
1 12 radio programmes aired on reforms
1 Documentary on FCR aired on AVT Khyber
1 40000 Bolo SMS sent to general public in Bajaur

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Last updated: 08.01.2014

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