Project Title

Energy Policy: Integrated Technologies and Managing Entrepreneurship (EPITOME)


EPITOME Phase I is being funded through Pakistan Italy Debt Swap Agreement (PIDSA) and executed by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

EPITOME Phase II will be financed through Government of Italy’s Soft Loan to the government of Pakistan.


Phase I: Six months, starting from August 01, 2015

Phase II: Yet to be initiated

Geographical Coverage

Phase I: District Narowal, Punjab

Phase II: All four provinces of Pakistan including AJK and Gilgit Baltistan


The EPITOME program aims to involve and boost the private sector for promoting alternative and renewable energy solutions to conserve natural resources and manage their demand in Pakistan. This is needed not only in view of consistent problems in the energy sector that successive governments appear unable to resolve, but also due to the disastrous effects of climate change all over the globe. The program is strategized on three pillars:

  • Business support to entrepreneurs in the shape of capacity building, ongoing support, business promotion and access to business financing
  • Public education and awareness on environmental issues and green energy  to increase demand for renewable energy
  • Policy advocacy with different national institutions to achieve a coherent inter-institutional policy landscape supporting IET solutions

Phase I aims to provide ground-truthing of the underlying assumptions of the EPITOME program and provide credible information through:

  • Development of pre-operation feasibilities of micro enterprises (biogas, solar electricity and micro hydro power) to establish their business potential as well as their management plans and tender documents
  • Installation and operation of supply-based renewable energy solutions (biogas, solar and micro hydro power)
  • Post-operation studies of corporate approach to implementing and operating small scale renewable energy projects


Phase I

To mobilize local communities and train local resources to participate in the program
To procure, install and maintain biogas solutions, solar and micro hydroelectricity at participating households/communities
To put in place a corporate financial and management system to generate operating costs and recovering capital expenditure for replication of model at a larger scale
To undertake feasibility studies on the viability of alternative energy generation on the basis of commercial/business and subsidies model
To share project results at different forums to pursue expansion and replication opportunities

Phase II

Establishing business incubator to provide technical and financial support to Integrated Energy Technology (IET) businesses
Increasing demand for IET solutions through public education and awareness services
Developing policy recommendations to be incorporated into the government’s policy framework to make the integrated energy technology market more feasible

Direct Expected Outputs

Phase I

Local communities mobilized through awareness campaigns and ready for participating in the program.
Alternate energy solutions deployed and functional in target areas to address gas and electricity shortages.
Corporate management system established to generate operating costs and recovering installation costs.
Feasibility studies conducted on alternative energy corporate/business & subsidy models
End of project evaluation study

Phase II

Self-sustaining IET enterprises established
Established networks and cluster for entrepreneurs
Businesses certified (w.r.t UNFCCC) having access to carbon markets
Trained government officials and entrepreneurs in renewable energy technology management
Support from banks regarding loans for small enterprises
Enhanced awareness of target market (local populations) on the need, processes and benefits of IET products
Increased investments in renewable energy sector by small investors and entrepreneurs
Evidence based policy recommendations formulated through research activities for IET products and businesses
Policy recommendations advocated with relevant state institutions
Development of renewable energy information portal with sufficient accuracy, reliability and relevance

Last updated: 06.10.2015

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